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2-Station Mobile Bathroom Rental


How do I know if this trailer is right for my event?

"STARTER" Luxury Restroom Trailer

TIME: <6-hour event

GUESTS: <150 people

SPACE: 18'x12'x12' (plus maneuvering the trailer into place)

UTILITIES: Power (20A) & Water (3/4" spigot) access within 75' of the trailer

PRIVACY: Individual (male & female) locking stalls

What else do I need to know?


+ Each unit will arrive sanitary & supplied

+ Equipped with AC & Heating

+ Onboard freshwater tank

+ Interior & Exterior LED lights

+ Self-leveling stairs with platform railing

+ Fiberglass gel-coated walls

+ Porcelain toilets with step-down flushing

+ Stainless steel hardware

+ Oversized vanity & decorative mirror

luxury inside of restroom trailer with decorations, very clean

Small jobs, events, gatherings, and occasions still require one basic solution—sanitation. Unfortunately, finding a quality outdoor bathroom rental service can be a challenge, especially if it’s on short notice. While skipping such facilities may seem like a good way to save money, failing to invest in restrooms can lead to unhealthy and uncomfortable circumstances for your guests.

The Lavatory offers the perfect starter solution with our 2-station outdoor bathroom rentals. These units are complete with home-away-from-home amenities featuring individual male and female stalls, onboard water tank, supplied and sanitized upon arrival, stainless steel features, porcelain toilets, and much more. These delicately crafted 2-station mobile bathroom rentals are the perfect arrangement for up to 150 event guests or 25 commercial employees.

At the Lavatory, we understand the importance of supplying portable bathrooms for events of all sizes. Whether you need a nine-station, five-station, or two-station mobile bathroom rental, our facilities are ready to go at a moment’s notice, meaning your event can go off without a hitch. We also offer laundry and shower trailers for extended stays. Don’t let weather stop you, as the units have fully functioning climate control with AC and heating to keep users comfortable from entry to exit.

Don’t be left without adequate facilities when people need them the most. Our portable bathrooms for events are here when you need them. Contact us at The Lavatory to learn more about this quaint but perfect starter restroom and receive your free quote today.

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