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Portable Restrooms for Construction Sites

Treating hardworking employees to safe, fully functioning restrooms should not be challenging. Many construction companies will invest in porta potties to ensure there are provisions, without taking into consideration all the hard work and privacy workers deserve. With The Lavatory on your side, we can fill the void with our construction site portable bathroom rentals. Each unit allows all hardworking employees to sit back, relax, and find relief throughout their time on a job site.

Why choose The Lavatory?

The Lavatory features high-quality, fully furnished, and functioning portable restroom trailers for construction sites that create a safe space for workers to relieve themselves and wash up in private. Each unit features spacious stalls, with the addition of climate control, running hot or cold water, and full-size flushing toilets. When on a construction or job site, workers can find relief in these luxury portables, which can improve their production efforts. It’s a win-win for all!  
At The Lavatory, we understand that rentals come with a list of action items and stipulations, including the rental term length and number of necessary provisions. Our dedicated team will work closely with you to reach the most feasible rental contract, with flexible rates and durations. When you rent portable restrooms for construction sites, the needs may vary based on productivity and demand. Our team’s experience combined with your industry expertise will help us find the most appropriate rental considerations for your construction zone and its hardworking employees.  

large mobile restroom trailer parked outside Lowes hardware store

Each unit arrives on-site ready to go. You’ll find that all our units at The Lavatory are properly sanitized before dispatch and stocked with paper goods. We encourage each renter to supply us with an inventory of their preferred paper goods to avoid user inefficiencies. Our portable restroom trailers for construction sites hook up directly to existing sewage lines or external waste water tanks; our team can assess the needs upon delivery.  


Don’t wait to reserve your luxury bathroom trailer rentals! Request your quote from The Lavatory today to get started. We offer flexible short- and long-term rental agreements, as well as emergency response rentals for all commercial construction demands. We look forward to servicing your construction site and employees.

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