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Laundry Trailer Rentals

washing machines and dryers inside mobile laundry trailer

Life gets messy, and laundry services combat the mess. But sometimes, this simple and modern amenity is not available. The Lavatory is a premier solution when you need fully functioning mobile laundry trailer rentals. We serve a wide range of needs, from commercial laundry services and community relief to temporary community living solutions. We work seamlessly with all partners to ensure each trailer is viable for the location and all users reap the benefits. All you need is a reliable water source and access to electricity, and we handle the rest.


Our laundry trailer rentals are complete with climate control and ample spatial capacity, bringing users an enjoyable experience when things feel disjointed. Apartment complexes might experience outages, a neighborhood might need relief, or a warehouse might be at risk of hazardous waste on their uniforms. All these issues are manageable with quick and secure laundry rentals. We work with short-term and long-term rental demands and offer customized quotes that suit each rental. We understand how valuable these resources are.

This is why we deliver high-quality units complete with the most durable materials and reliable laundering systems. Regardless of circumstances, our team here at the Lavatory can fill the laundry voids you or your community are experiencing and deliver a reputable solution. Our trailers can compete with most permanent facilities with our high-quality washing and drying machines, fully functioning LED lighting, adjustable and user-friendly climate control, basin sinks, and designated laundry folding spaces. We work diligently to ensure each laundry rental features the things that matter most for users, ensuring their experiences provide normalcy, comfort, and peace of mind.  

The Lavatory is a call away from serving your community when you need us the most. Regardless of job demands, our laundry machine rentals can help. Receive your custom quote or speak with a customer care specialist to learn more about our services and solutions. 

outside of mobile laundry trailer
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