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Top 10 Portable Toilet Rentals Mistakes

Restroom Renting Mistakes

When it comes to renting a luxury bathroom trailer, there is a lot of advice out there on what to do, but not much on the things to be on the lookout for. So be careful what you do-do. 🧻

We have put together a list of things that you don’t want to do when renting a mobile restroom. 🚽

1) Do not assume a portable restroom company is the same as any rental company

Most of these companies also rent portable toilets in Arizona, also known as a porta-potty. Luxury portable toilets and a luxury restroom trailer are not the same. Even if the porta potties are transported on a trailer.

Mobile restroom trailers require a deposit to hold your reservation.

The Lavatory requires a 50% deposit to confirm the rental and holds one of the portable restroom trailers for your scheduled event. The restroom trailers balance is due 10-14 days before the event date.

2) Do not make your bathroom trailer selection based on price alone

Restroom trailers can fluctuate like an Uber ride on a Saturday night. The portable restroom trailer business is seasonal, with demand being the highest during the event and wedding seasons.

Portable restrooms always have hidden costs

There is more that goes into renting portable restroom trailers. Restroom trailer rentals have lots of fees. These fees can range from $50-$500 depending on how the restroom trailer company itemizes your invoice.

What does it cost to rent a mobile restroom trailer?

The Lavatory takes all the guesswork out of renting restroom trailers. We offer a simple bottom-line no-nonsense price that includes delivery, setup, and even taxes. A restroom trailer rental couldn't be easier than what you'll get at The Lavatory.

3) Do not rely on portable restroom pictures alone

Similar to the images on Instagram, the photos you see online of portable restrooms are only those the luxury restroom company wants you to see!

Ask for actual photos and not those images of restroom trailers doctored in Photoshop.

The images of the portable restroom trailers you see on The Lavatory website, Google, Yelp, etc. are the actual mobile restroom trailers you'll be renting.

4) Do not assume that it will be clean or not smell

This one is sort of a big deal. These restroom trailers get used by lots of guests, it doesn't matter if it's a small outdoor wedding or one of those larger events. They can get smelly and dirty if the portable restroom facilities aren't properly taken care of.

Don’t forget to ask where the trailer has been previously used

The Lavatory offers you a clean, sanitized, and fresh-smelling restroom trailer rental. If your portable restroom arrives dirty you pay nothing.

But don't you worry, we have a perfect luxury portable restroom and mobile bathroom options to suit your needs.

5) Do not overpay for last-minute rentals

Yes, supply and demand for a portable restroom trailer is a thing-- especially during the busy season. However, it doesn't mean there isn't available inventory for an emergency.

The Lavatory started its business from the need for long-term restroom trailers at local businesses, hospitals, and forestry services (wildfire-fighting). If you need a portable restroom trailer and the duration is unknown, we will work out a customized price plan and service schedule to meet your ongoing and ever-changing needs.

6)Do not choose a location that is too close to your event

Be mindful about when you are going to park your portable restroom trailers

Portable restroom trailers are not easy to move. Thinking through a safe and accessible location for the mobile restrooms is required. This spot will need to be on a hard flat surface, preferably concrete.

Mobile restroom trailers need access to power and water

Parking portable restrooms within 100 ft of a dedicated 20A power source and serviceable water-hose spigot are required.

In the super-rare event these aren't available to you, please give The Lavatory a call, we do portable luxury restroom solutions that can accommodate the unlikely need. And no, we won't give you a porta potty-- we don't even own porta-potties here. Our amenities are luxurious.

7) Don’t forget to ask about delivery, set-up, waste removal, taxes, and other hidden charges for your restroom trailer rental

A portable restroom trailer rental always has hidden costs.

The Lavatory will show you the 'bottom-line price for a mobile luxury bathroom that's 100% accurate and transparent-- no more surprise charges!

What is included in your restroom trailer price?

We include delivery, pick-up, set-up, taxes, and waste removal.

For those with long-term rentals 3+ days, we'll schedule a sanitation service to go to your site and to pump the trailers. This fee will be passed directly on to you.

8) Do not assume the mobile restroom trailer will have extra sanitation and paper supplies on-hand

Guests and customers will love the luxury our portable restrooms provide to you. But only if they're stocked with enough paper products and equipped with sanitation supplies.

The Lavatory will provide you enough products and supplies for your day or weekend event.

For customer who needs a long-term luxury restroom, The Lavatory can provide the restocking of products and/or cleaning services where requested. Otherwise, maintenance of restrooms and trailers will be contractually on you.

9) Do not forget about the importance of climate control inside your restroom trailer rental

It goes without saying, but the climate in the desert can change dramatically at any moment.

This is why our luxury restroom trailers are equipped with independent heating and cooling units.

10) Do not assume the mobile restroom is ADA compliance

Similar to most restrooms, most portable bathroom trailers aren't designed for those with disabilities.

The Lavatory luxury mobile restrooms are built on a trailer. These trailers are accessed with foldout steps. Our portable bathroom trailers will not be suitable for your customers or guests with disabilities.

We're mindful of those customers and guests and will work with you to come up with some solutions to plan for those needs.

This is some good sh*t here. Give us a call. We can help. 💩

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