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Tips for Long-term Restroom Rentals

When considering a temporary bathroom rental for the workplace or larger events, there are a lot of things to think about.

Here's our guide on what you should know before signing the contract.

Long-term Restroom Rentals

What are temporary restrooms for long-term rentals?

If you're running a business that's open all year round, chances are you need some kind of restroom facilities.

When it comes to the work environment, most managers and owners don't focus on how restroom facilities impact their employees and customers.

Being prepared with adequate facilities is vital for your business to keep going.

Just remember, all of your customers' and employees' experiences are going to have a lasting impression, whether it is perceived or not.

Cleanliness and accessibility play a key role in the portable restroom experience.

Don't compromise your brand by not catering to the needs of guests by not having a portable restroom trailer.

Why use luxury portable restroom trailers for long-term rentals?

Portable restroom trailers operate the same way your commercial bathroom does, it's just a portable bathroom.

Luxury portable restroom trailers have vanities with running water and granite countertops.

They come with all the comforts you'd expect from a portable restroom: toilet paper, sink, soap, electricity, hand sanitizer, etc.

The restroom trailers from The Lavatory come standard with heating and cooling.

Pros and cons of using temporary bathrooms for long-term rentals?


Safety and security

Portable restroom trailers help improve your security and provide a safe environment for your customers

No distractions

Restroom trailers create a pleasant experience without needing to renovate existing restroom facilities.

Or the portable restroom trailer can serve as your restroom facility if your bathrooms are being renovated.

Set up is quick and easy

The Lavatory shows up, parks the trailer in your designated space, hooks in the water, and powers it on. Done!

A portable restroom trailer is sanitary

Because it's like other bathrooms, customers prefer it over other types of restrooms because it's familiar and clean.


More expensive

Restroom trailers can be more costly than portable toilets, like porta-potties.

No one likes using a porta-potty, so don't assume your employees and customers will be okay with it.

Most Expensive Restroom

How to find a reliable compAny to provide portable restroom trailers?

Look for a professional company that offers several options to support the unique needs of your business.

The Lavatory offers many sizes of temporary restroom trailers. Our units are equipped with all the amenities you'd expect.

Long-term rentals (3+ days) will require scheduled sanitation and pump service. This keeps the tank operational and the restrooms clean.

This service is outsourced and the cost will be passed on directly to your company.

The cost of a portable bathroom at the workplace or project can be expensive and include lots of little fees that add up quickly.

The Lavatory will give you a single bottom line and no-nonsense price for daily, weekly, and monthly temporary bathroom rentals.

A portable bathroom is not the only service we can offer you. The Lavatory also rents a temporary shower solution and a mobile laundry trailer.

Frequently asked questions about temporary restroom trailers in the workplace?

Where do I park the temporary bathroom trailer?

The portable restroom trailers can be parked on a concrete surface inside or outside.

Can the portable bathroom trailer be parked in my parking lot?

Yes, it can.

However, depending on your property and operation hours you may want to consider some additional security.

Can I part the temporary restroom trailer on the street?

If it is a public street, no.

Most city ordinances will not allow for this.

However, if it is a private street or drive, and with the proper permission, you can put the portable restroom whatever you'd like.

What else do I need to have a portable restroom trailer parked at my workplace?

These are not porta-potties, the trailers need access to water and electricity.

The Lavatory requires our luxury portable restroom trailers to be parked within 100ft of a dedicated 20A circuit (standard wall socket) and water spigot (garden hose).

Unlike a porta-potty, the bathroom uses these to heat water, cool the inside of the unit, and help flush the toilets.

Reserve your temporary restroom for a business from The Lavatory today!

With a temporary restroom, you can provide your employees and customers with an easy and elegant bathroom experience.

We offer mobile restrooms that are clean, sanitized, ADA compliant, and fully stocked to accommodate any number of guests for the duration of their stay.

A portable toilet trailer is perfect when it comes to keeping business open while staying in compliance with health codes or regulations!

Contact us today so we can help find the right solution for your needs.

The Lavatory specializes in luxury restroom trailers and portable restroom rental in Phoenix, Tucson, Flagstaff and Yuma.

We provide mobile bathroom trailers in Arizona. Our temporary luxury restrooms are rented for weddings, special events, long-term commercial projects, disaster relief throughout Arizona.

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