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Top 6 Things to Consider When Renting a Mobile Restroom Trailer

If you've ever been to an outdoor event, you know how frustrating it is to not have enough available restrooms.

we provide you with the best restroom rentals and luxury bathroom trailers.

Mobile Restroom Trailer

1. The size of the restroom trailer you need

There is a trade-off between restroom service size and cost. Larger mobile restrooms are usually more expensive but can also accommodate larger crowds. It is essential to consider the number of anticipated guests, their genders, and the length of time you need the mobile restroom trailer.

Restroom rentals are typically parked outdoors and are used as primary restrooms. The size of each restroom trailer varies on the number of required stalls.

The number of toilets in each trailer will vary. Knowing how many restrooms you'll need will be determined by the size of your event and the number of guests attending.

2. Price and how often does the restroom trailer need to be serviced

The price of the rental is determined by two things. The size of the restroom trailer and how long you'll need it.

For portable restroom trailers that are rented for a one-day event, like a wedding, the portable restroom doesn't need to be serviced. This is of course there are no issues flushing toilets, clogged skin, or no running water.

Events lasting 2-3 days, bathroom rentals will need to be serviced. A certified and trained sanitation specialist will come out to the restroom trailer and pump the tank and replenish the used products.

For those renting restroom trailers, long-term (typically a week or more) will be put on a service rotation for trailer pumping and supply restocks.

3. Knowing where you'd like your portable restroom trailer delivered

You must consider the location of your event, including possible obstructions and weather conditions. You also need to know where you want the mobile restroom service parked while in use. Finding a solid and flat location is also very important.

It's critical that all portable restroom trailers are parked within 100 feet of an independent 20A power source and 100 feet from a serviceable water supply--like a water spigot.

Restroom trailers are self-contained restrooms. Guests will have a similar experience in the bathroom trailers as they would any event or public restroom; except this is a luxury restroom.

4. Knowing how serving alcohol affects the use of the restroom trailer

If your event features alcohol, then you will want to consider whether or not the portable restroom accommodates the number guests planning on attending your event. The number of restroom visits by your guests will increase dramatically when alcohol is served and consumed.

On average, trips to the restroom goes up by three times.

Meaning, if you don't plan your event accordingly and account for the additional usage of the portable bathroom, your luxury restroom rental experience won't be great.

So you know, portable bathroom trailers have restrooms for both male and female, with more toilets on the female side. Restroom trailers typically include one or more urinals on the male side as well.

Different models also have a variety of amenities.

Restroom Trailer

5. Understand the supplies for your restroom trailer rentals (toiletries like hand sanitizer, paper towels, etc)

Since the portable restroom trailers are just that, a portable restroom, it doesn't have all the supplies most restrooms do. However, we do our best to stock the luxury restroom with essentials.

These restroom trailers are stocked with toilet paper. Near the sink you'll find paper towels, hand soap and hand sanitizer.

Our restroom trailer rentals are meant to provide your guests comfort and luxury.

If you need additional supplies for your portable restroom please ask. We do our best to accommodate our customers where we can.

6. Responsibility for emptying and cleaning the restroom trailers

If your portable restroom and luxury bathroom rental is only for a one-day or a weekend event, we'll take care of emptying and cleaning the restroom trailers.

However, if supplies run low in one of restrooms our portable restroom trailers have a storage where you'll find products to restock your restroom trailer.

If you're renting one of portable restroom trailers and it's considered long-term (over a week) we'll need to discuss the service needs of the trailer and make arrangements for emptying the tank and scheduling routine cleanings of the restrooms.

These aren't porta-potties, we take pride on our portable restroom trailers and take great care of them. This is how we can provide you with a solution that will meet your portable restrooms needs.

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