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Why You Should Rent Restroom Trailers for City Parades

Hosting and planning a successful city parade requires all hands on deck, and the attendees are the primary focus. You can never know who will or won’t attend the parade, so considering everyone’s unique needs and capabilities is the priority. We’ll explore why you should rent restroom trailers for city parades and promote inclusivity.

Enhance Public Sanitation Measures

Gathering the community into one location comes with the responsibility of meeting all restroom needs. As a city event host or planner, offering a handful of smelly overused porta-potties can decrease the level of proper public sanitation. City parades are unique because of their ability to draw a crowd from a wide range of demographics, from grandparents to young children and everyone in between.

It’s not feasible to meet the sanitation demands of a wide group without investing in fully functioning restroom trailers. These units include running water, paper products, climate control, and flushing toilets, which all play roles in proper individual and communal sanitation efforts.

Increase Spatial Capacity

With the range of ages and physical capabilities, renting restroom trailers for city parades benefits everyone. The trailers include the spatial capacity to allow parents to care for their young children or accommodate guests who need to change their clothes. The needs will vary, and the limits are endless. The space in the restroom trailer should accommodate everyone with a wide range of needs.

Easily Accommodate ADA Demands

In addition to spatial capacity accommodations, restroom trailer rentals often feature ADA compliance. This ensures the city parade is as inclusive as possible. ADA-compliant means flush to the ground entry and exit, wide entryways, and interior features to assist each guest. The safety and satisfaction of all attendees is a top priority, and ADA-compliant trailers can achieve this for everyone.

Maintain the City’s Image

Since the city hosts the parade, investing in a temporary restroom rental with all the bells and whistles can maintain the city’s image. Guests who use the restroom at the event will remember how nice the bathroom was or how uncomfortable the experience was.

Porta-potties certainly involve a level of discomfort with a lack of running water and cleanliness. Doing away with these issues and investing in restroom trailers can maintain or improve the city’s image. Ultimately, this reputation can impact future events and attendance rates.

Connect with The Lavatory in Arizona to learn more about our trailer sizes and capacities. We offer short and long-term restroom rentals for commercial use with easy setup and removal.

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