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Shower Trailer Rentals

inside of mobile shower trailer, very clean

Taking a shower is a primary component of basic sanitation and personal hygiene. However, life can get flipped upside down, making showering in a permanent structure inaccessible. The Lavatory solves this unique issue with our mobile shower trailer rental solutions. We cater to a wide variety of demands and duties with the same level of service for each application. Whether you’re remote camping, hosting an intimate event, providing relief to those in need, or renovating your house, our shower trailer rentals are the feasible solution for various applications and duties.   

We specialize in serving the community when permanent facilities are scarce or unavailable. We have handcrafted and designed each of our shower trailers rentals to feature home-like elements and elevated touches. This ensures each user feels safe, comfortable, and free to shower in peace and privacy.

Our luxury shower rentals are compatible with a wide range of applications and have earned the position of number one and two in luxury portable rental accommodations. Each shower trailer features modern LED lighting fixtures, manual in-house climate control settings to make every user comfortable, spacious private shower stalls, and large wash sinks for personal needs. All these features combine with our superior services and accommodations to make us the go-to company when shower demands arise. As long as they have a reliable water source, our units can hook up and work on a variety of terrains and settings. This allows outdoor adventurers, large event planners, people on intimate remote getaways, and many more to satisfy their everyday showering demands. Don't limit your friends, family, users, or guests to compromising on their personal hygiene needs. Instead, let the Lavatory provide a solution.  

Reserve your luxury shower trailer rental or receive a custom quote from a member of our team. Include location details in all quotes and adjustments to allow our team to properly set up your shower rentals. Get in touch with us today! 

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